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CAREER COURSE: A-Z of Front End Development in Advance Bootstrap and Angular JS.

Be a Front End Developer | Get yourself job ready

A bootcamp or training course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a solid way to start learning basic web development but this is NOT enough, has a comprehensive training on this, and it has trained over 300 students on basic programming.

However this advance course will be the blueprint to what is needed, along with those skills, to achieve a professional career doing front end web development. This course covers everything from the history of the web development industry to the landscape of the web and details of a front end web developers daily workflow.

It teachers advance implementation of Bootstrap in mobile web app and drives deeply into Angular JS, then finishes strong with information on how to interview for a position and grow a career after getting in the door.

Angular JS

Angular is one of the most popular front end frameworks out there.  You will learn how simple it is to use Angular to create maintainable and testable single page applications. You will learn how to: bootstrap your Angular application; use AngularJS markup and expressions; create and use controllers; use built-in services and create custom services; turn your application into a SPA using routing; and create your own custom elements and handle events using directives. You will also learn how AngularJS allows you to do all thing using test-driven-development.

Learning this course would be smooth for you as we have got a captivating coding Support for our applicants.

Course Requirement: This is an advance course. This course is meant for those already into web programming and can already code HTML and CSS.

Course Duration: 10 Weeks


Training Method

Instructional videos in form of modules  would be uploaded to the WhatsApp group. A module is a 20 minutes video or more sometimes. The gravity of the topic being treated would determine the number of video modules that would be uploaded. Students would practice video content and share any coding errors they are having to the instructors through screen shot.

One Time Payment.

Course Fee: N50,000

Foreign students: $200


Acct Number: 0465029832
Account Name: Terahertz Network
Bank: GTB


Acct Number: 1022128936
Account Name: Terahertz Network
Bank: UBA

For Foreign Students

$ Dollar Account Below

Acct Number: 0467681816

Account Name: Terahertz Network
Once your payment is made, chat us with your payment details to complete your registration.

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