You would start programming after reading this

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You would start programming after reading this

Many people I have spoken to love programming . At least, they believe they could build applications that could help people and change the world. But the challenge with many people is the courage to begin learning how to code. I have therefore put forth this article to spur your passion for programming and letting you know that as a human, you are 99% into programming in real life, perhaps you have not implemented the skill using computer yet.


What is programming ?

Programing is writing codes to perform some specific functions. There are many of programming languages, they include, Java Script, PHP, JAVA, C Sharp, C++, Python, Swift and many more. Many people develop virtual applications in their brain everyday without a computer for their daily routine without them knowing. When you wake in the morning, the first thing you are likely to do is to brush, prepare your food, put on your cloth, then go out to work.

These steps are like functions running in your brain, if any of these is missing, there are consequences obviously. Let’s  assume Mr Joe  omitted brushing his teeth. We know the consequence of that is a smelling mouth. If he omits eating, he would be hungry and weak, if he omits wearing cloth. He might be mistaken for someone insane, walking in complete nudity everywhere.

The first programming task you need to learn is web programming. And I am going to show you how you can picture this into a web programming app. We are going to build Mr Joe as a web app. The skeleton of Mr Joe would be designed with HTML. HTML is a Markup Language for structuring the skeletal part of web programming. To apply skins and fine looks to the skeleton of Mr Joe, we need to learn CSS, Cascading Style Sheet, to do this. And finally, to program the brain of Mr Joe for the functions above and more we need to learn Javascript programming Language.

To learn HTML online for free, you could visit this link

Learn CSSS here


I am recommending W3 Schools site because they have a cool online text editor to code and preview.

You need a text editor to code your project offline. I would recommend Visual Studio Code

Now that you understand how coding works and the tools you need. Go  and learn these and come back to comment how far you have gone for us to begin here. You can comment your challenge or code issues below and we would resolve it together.




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